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Help Raed Hataby and His Family to Run Away from War and Live in Peace

People-to-people project - a money collection for Raed Hataby and his familly

Objective of the Request

To collect financial aid for Raed Hataby and his family to be able to buy airline tickets from Istanbul to Brazil and enable them to immigrate to a country that is not at war.


Raed Hataby is a Syrian from Aleppo, who has lived there with his family during the whole duration of the conflict in Syria. He would like to find a place on Earth where he and his family could live in peace. But they don’t have enough finances to get away from Aleppo and start a new life somewhere else. Help them to find a peaceful home!


Raed has a muscular dystrophy and is on a wheelchair. We got to know each other through an online chess tournament OMD Dystro Ope-net 2016, that organizes Organization of Muscular Dystrophics in Slovakia.

I have been chatting with Raed Hataby for almost a year. We first got into contact when Raed registered himself on a chess tournament OMD Dystro Ope-net 2016, that I organize under Organization of Muscular Dystrophics in Slovakia, In 2015, we extended this tournament to an international level, because by chess we want to connect people disabled by muscular dystrophy all over the world.

Raed Hataby won the Muscular Dystrophics category of the tournament, even though he didn’t have a good internet connection due to the war. We also did an interview with him that you can read here

He has also registered himself to the eighth year of this tournament.

After the end of the tournament I was chatting with Raed and was slowly getting to know the awful situation where he and his family found themselves. We informed the public about the situation in Aleppo, with the help of Denník N (reporter Mirek Tóda). Here you can read the interview: ze-moje- mesto-umiera/.

We also tried to find a way how to help Raed materially. Despite of great difficulties, we managed to deliver him a package. We also managed to find a financial channel through which we could send him money. At first we were sending him smaller amounts of money from private sources to verify that the channel works. Later we published a request:,where we were able to collect 1530€. We sent him the collected money in two parts (495€, 1035€).

The previous request,, is not active anymore and I can’t add anything more to it, so I would like to thank all the donors, at least here and summarize the purpose for which was the money used.

I sent Raed the second part of the collected money (1035€) in October 11.2016

Raed Hataby states in how he used the second part of the collected money through an e-mail from December 5. 2016.

The overall sum of the money that was available to Raed was 1093€ (he had 58€ left from the first payment) and he used it as follows:

280€: Second and the last payment for school for Raed’s children, 70€ food supplies, 79€ medicine for Raed, 33€ winter jackets for children, 25€ wintershoes for children, 65€ 200 liters of heating fuel, 27€ electricity, 12€ drinking water. Together: 337 000 SYP, which is approximately 559€.

I believe that remaining money will help me for next three months. These information are valid to the date of December 4. 2016. The collected money that remained is 1093€ - 557€ = 536€.  


Thank you for your help

I will also join a video to the next request, where Raed thanks all of the donors, who helped him with their contribution. He also calls for help with the intention to run away from further life in a military conflict.

Raed has a possibility to immigrate to Brazil, but he can’t get there without financial support. The price of one airline ticket for an adult from Isanbul to Rio de Janeiro is approximately 500€. Raed´s family has seven members including Raed, his wife, 3 children, his sister and mother. Only for airplane tickets, without the travel from Aleppo to Istanbul and starting a new life in Brazil, they would need 3500€.

But for Raed, life in Aleppo is unbearable, he fears for his life and the life of his children and family. Help Raed start a new life somewhere where bombs are not falling.

The advantage of this form of help is that it’s specific. Thanks to the relationship with Raed that I have, you can be sure that your help gets to the addressee in full rate. This is the advantage of small charitable projects in contrast with the general ones, where the effectivity is often lowered along the way to the user of the help.

Ondrej Bašták Ďurán,, +421 949 737 543

Raed Hataby, Aleppo – Syria, Tel.: +963 212270944, Mob.: +963 947514201,