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Discussion about 7th annual of OMD Dystro 0pe-net



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(Snehit Saraf, 2016-03-23 14:58)

Respected Sir
I am very proud of in participation of OMD dystrophy Ope-net 2016. Really to say, after participation in 2nd World Chess Championship disabled in Dresden 2015, my health is in little problem, I decided to be away playing of chess for some period. On receiving the email from Zbigniew Pillimon, President of IPCA with regard to this tourney my version was changed and I enrolled my name to play. However the complete tourney went on well and simultaneously my strength is also become stable now.
Organization and Management of the arbiter of the tournament Ondrej Bastak Duran is extremely appreciable and his support to all the participants is unforgettable. There is a absolutely little difficulty in synchronizing the different time zone citizens to play, but our arbiter make this programme successful by making lot of efforts.
I express my sincere gratitude for publishing the article of "chess Photo of the Year" on SR Chess Club web page subsequent discussions of Duran Sir with photographer Karsten Wielend, Dresden.
I got the opportunity to play with all my friends from different countries only from OMD dystrophy Ope-net 2016 tourney, which is a rememberable and had a good experience. I congratulate all the Winners and also my friends who participated along with me in this tourney.
I express to thanks to Zbigniew Pillimon - President of IPCA, Karsten Wielend, Dresden, Ondrej Bastak Duran and SR chess Club Management. All the best to all of you.
With warm regards
Snehit Saraf

Good tournament

(Marjan Klemenčič, 2016-03-23 10:24)

Dear Ondrej and all chess players of the tournament!
I would first like to congratulate our friend , and judge organizatrju Ondreju for the excellent organization , the trial and execution of the tournament . My opinion is that this kind of tournaments unprecedented welcome for disabled chess players , especially for people with muscular dystrophy , chess due to the accumulation of knowledge and experience , getting to know people with muscular dystrophy from another countries and exchange views and experiences related to our specific lifestyle. It is very important in such tournaments expressing positive and fair competition , which are the base to improve our individual abilities. Also important is fair play too. Only in this area should be in our tournament to find any small shortcoming whose elimination depends only on us players. We must be aware that their skills competing against each other , because this improves their knowledge and experience , but if you in lots of mutual help with affordable information technology , we can create a false illusion that we are better than we are really , because we will be in real life and real life sooner or later put us to the earth .

At the end again all together thanks to the new experience and knowledge. I am glad that I was a small fraction of these beautiful chess stories .

Marjan Klemencic , Slovenia

Re: Good tournament

(Raed Hataby, 2016-03-23 12:44)

Thanks a lot for your efforts during this tournament, and for your nice words.
Raed Hataby.

With all respect.

(Raed Hataby, 2016-03-23 12:22)

My dear friend Mr Ondrej Bastak Duran;
My dear chess friends;

I'd like to thank Mr Ondrej Bastak Duran very much for his clearly positive activity through the OMD Dystro Ope-net tournament 2016.
Avowedly, and in a short words, it was a big chance for me to introduce an example about a man living inside complicated situation here in Syria.
The brilliant award for me was to touch the humanity that I found in Mr. Ondrej Bastak Duran spirit.
And I appreciate the lad Iva Vejpustkova for her sporting morals.
I recognize now good friends through this tournament like Mr. Vladimir Pronin, Mr. George Vasquez and Mr. Yasser A.M. Alsahbani.
At the end I wish all the health for all of you.
God pleased your.
Raed Hataby,