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OMD Dystro Ope-net 2016 – Final ranking - press release


The international online chess tournament of people with muscular dystrophy and other disabilities OMD DystroOpe-net 2016 - Results

Organization of Muscular Dystrophy in the Slovak Republic, www.omdvsr.sk, organized the International online chess tournament of people with muscular dystrophy and other disabilities OMD DystroOpe-net 2016 on the date 19.01.2016 - 20.03.2016. This year it was the 7th year of this tournament, with an international participation in the last two years.

A specific feature of the tournament is that it is organized for chess players with disabilities and it has two categories: players with muscular dystrophy or with some similar disease and players with other disabilities. Its main idea is to enable participation on chess tournament for those players who have problematic access to standard chess tournaments due to their handicap. Therefore, this tournament is online.

Moreover, improving Ope-net on international level, people with a similar health condition can meet behind the chessboard and so it enables them to be in contact even coming from distant countries.

OMD DystroOpe-net runs in weekly cycles. Nine matches in Swiss system are played. Each match starts on Tuesday when an umpire publishes the draw of the match on web-side of the Chess club OMD (www.sachomd.sk). To Sunday players have to play given game and the results have to be sent the umpire. For arranging a date of match, players use Communication portal where they can choose a day and time of the game in the timetable of the actual week. This way players do not have to know the same language for arranging the date.

When the date of game is arranged, it is published for other player who can follow the game online. The game is played on the chess server www.playok.com.

This year 51 player from 13 countries took a part in the competition: Slovakia (18), Yemen (14), Slovenia (4) Russia (3) Poland (3), Czech Republic (2) Estonia (1), France (1) Germany (1) Hungary (1) India (1), Italy (1), Syria (1). Four players resigned or were disqualified during the tournament.

Due to geographic location and so different time zones of the countries where players were from, it was necessary to synchronize players. Time difference was maximum 5 hours. As standard time was chosen the Central European time because the tournament was organized in the middle Europe and the most of the players came from this region.

The winner of the tournament and the winner of Non-Dystro category has become Igor Kolomyčenko from Russia who defended his title from last year's tournament. He won unflinchingly with a gain of 9 points 9 without a single lost.

The winner of the Dystro category and also the second best player in total score has become Syrian chess player Raed Hataby (7/9) who participated in tournament despite the military conflict in his country. Thanks to clever system of internet connection – he used three different operators in the same time – he finished all the matches of the tournament, even the internet connection in Syria is problematic.

This year, Mojca Sušec (5,5/9) from Slovenia dominated in the female category.

In the category of individual countries, where a total score was count as a summary of the best 3 players scores from the country, Russia is the winner of tournament (21,5), followed by Slovakia (18) on the second place and Slovenia (17) on the third place.

The best Slovakian player is Marcel Dirnbach (6,5/9) who almost won the first place in category Dysto (the winner was Raed Hataby).

More detailed results of the tournament are published on the web-side of the tournament. There are as results as the matches of the players available.

Both winners of the main categories gained the winning cup, the winner of the female category obtained material price and all the participants of the tournament diploma in electronic form with their placement in the tournament. The winning cups were sponsored by the Slovak Union of Physically Disabled chess players.

An interesting phenomenon of the tournament is the participation of 14 disabled players from Yemen. Also 4 women were included. To find out more about Yemen's club we asked them for interview which is published on the tournament web-side. Players from Yemen faced the internet connection problems but they played resolutely in tournament.

We also published an article about Indian chess player Snehit Saraf whose participation in the last year Ope-net persuaded him to play chess competitively. This way he got to the World Chess Championship of disables in 2015 in Dresden.

On the tournament web-side there is also the interview with Syrian player Read Hataby and we prepare the interview with the first winner Igor Kolomyčenko.

There will be also open discussion for player or for other observers on web-side of the tournament.

This tournament was guided by the main arbiter Ondrej Bašťák Ďurán who works closely with the OMD in SR in the area of sport activities of disabled people.

We believe that the tournament brought many beautiful and inspiring moments for participants and that they would like to join it also in the next years.


Ondrej Bašták Ďurán – the arbiter of the tournament, +421 949 737 543, ondrejbastak@gmail.com

Jozef Blažek - for Organization of Muscular Dystrophy in the Slovak rebublic, +421 948 529 976, sach@omdvsr.sk


21.3.2016, Rožňava, Slovensko

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