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Snehit Saraf – chess photo of the year 2015


dsc_3133-snehit-saraf.jpgSnehit Saraf is an Indian chess player who signed in to the last years OMD Dystro Ope-net and also played this year. Based on the participation on the last year’s tournament organized by our club, he decided to play chess on competitions. Ope-net gave him courage and this was one of the reasons why he signed in to the second World Chess Championship for Disabled in Dresden. That place gave rise to the “Chess photo of the year”, on which Snehit plays chess in an unusual way. We asked the photographer Kersten Wielan to publish his photos and his article related to the photos.

Chess photo of the year 2015

Event: 2. World Chess Championship for Disabled

Snerif Saraf is 26 years old and in childhood he suffered from a tumor on his spinal cord. He could have died, but he survived although he remained paralyzed. His legs have muscles like a small child and he can’t use them.

DSC_4642a Familie von Snehit Saraf, Yvonne Ledfuß, Karsten Wieland

Family of Snehit Saraf, Yvonne Ledfuβ, Kersten Wieland

His parents and sister take care of him. At home he plays only computer games. In Dresden he found many friends and if his health allows him to, he wants to come back in 2017.

Snehit Saraf- Viktor Kononow

Chess photo of the year: Snehit Saraf – Viktor Kononov – 1st round

This picture depicts a moment from the first round a chess game between Snerif Saraf and deaf Russian, Viktor Kononov and presents: After all it is possible! Snehit plays on a small extra table.

Viktor Strekalovski, Snehit Saraf, Stanislav Mikheev

Viktor Strekalovski, Snehit Saraf, Stanislav Mikheev

Two years ago, on the first world championship in 2013, Snehit had a lot worse conditions. He sat in his wheelchair at that time. To ensure optimal height he had to sit on blankets and pillows, but it was not good because during the play he slid of sometimes. Together with his parents, the organizers came up with a better way, to give him a separate, smaller table on which he could play and a chair on which he could sit comfortably.

Snehit Saraf

Snehit Saraf and his parents

A judge that took care of the figures on the two chess boards and the score, always sat next to his table.

Tanja Selikson, who comes from Moscow, but lives in Germany for 20 years, expressed her opinion about the photos: The photos affect me very strongly. Person that, in spite of strong disability is able to travel half of the world to play chess is undefeatable- it doesn’t matter how good player he is.

Photos and text: Karsten Wieland

Translation: Tomáš Vranovský

Original text in German


Preview of picture in folder Saraf Snehit