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OMD Dystro Ope-net INFO

Dear chessplayers,

in this rubric you can find useful informations how to pass through technical details of the tournament as well as other interested facts about the tournament.

You can add your comment too.

Best regards,

Ondrej Bastak Durán

rozhodca turnaja



Winning prices 2018


In the 9th annual of the OMD Dystro Ope-net the winners will be awarded as follows:

Dystro category:

1. place: 35€ + winning cup

2. place: 25€

3. place: 15€

Non-Dystro category:

1. place: 35€ + winning cup

2. place: 25€

3. place: 15€

Women category:

1. place: 20€ + winning cup

Country category:

1. place - the best 3 players of the country: 30€ (10€ for each one)

The winning cups photos will be published soon.




Dear chessplayers,

in this post you can discuss about the topics concerning OMD Dystro Ope-net 2017 tournament like - how to solve some technical problems, help for players, suggestions how to improve the tournament and so on...


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Do you know that....?


Do you know that:

1. You can view your games by click on the white chess figure icon pawn_white.pngin the raw on the right from the game result.


2. On the Communication portal web site a date of the game confirmed by 2 players appears immediatelly just after it is confirmed.

If you would like to watch the game on-line, log-in www.playok.com at time confirmed, and sit down to their table.


Time Zones



Dear chessplayers,

when you propose a date and time of your game to your opponent it is important to take into account different time zones of the place where your opponent is living.

In this article you can find the time zones of all tournament participants - in the table as well as in the map.

Please take into account also that we use Central European Time (CET).

as a reference.


Communication portal - instructions 2017


Dear chess-players,

here you can find the instructions how to use a Communication portal.



Dystro and Non-Dystro category


Dear chess players,

to make it more transparent, we are publishing a list of diagnosis, that are a clue for to clasify a player into category Dystro or Non-Dystro.

Players with a diagnosis listed in the published entry are clasified as Dystro.

On the other hand, players that has other physical disability are clasified as Non-Dystro.

A clasification into these categories comes from a subject of interest of OMD in SR organization that are primarily people suffering from neuro-muscular diceases and beside these people OMD in SR cares about people with other physical disabiliies too.

List of the diagnosis that clasify a chess-player into Dystro category