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Zaid Mansor - are you honest? / si čestný?


Dear chessplayers,

I have an unpleasent duty to ask you one question, because I have a doubts about fair-play of a player Zaid Mansor:

Do you think the player Zaid Mansor from Yemen that played a game in the 8. round against Maxim Marievski (he won) is the same player that played a game in the 1. round against Grega Zargaj (he loosed)?

Please, check these two games, replay them in www.openet.bashto.sk, and add your opinion in the comment below.

I will take your opinion into account if I disqualify him from the tournament or not.

I ask directly Zaid Mansor too:

Do you use a chess computer to help you in your games, or somebody else advice you, or you play honestly by your own?

Thank you,

Ondrej Bastak Duran

the referee


Milí hráči,

mám nemilú povinnosť spýtať sa vás jednu otázku, pretože mám pochybnosti o fair-play hre hráča Zaida Mansora:

Myslíte si, že hráč Zaid Mansor z Jemenu, ktorý hral v 8. kole proti Maximovi Marievskému (vyhral) je ten istý hráč, ktorý hral v 1. kole proti Garaga Žargajovi (prehral)?

Prosím vás, pozrite sa na tieto partie a prehrajte si ich na www.openet.bashto.sk a napíšte váš názor v podobe komentára nižšie.

Vaše názory budem brať do úvahy pri rozhodovaní, či tohto hráča diskvalifikovať, alebo nie.

Pýtam sa priamo aj Zaida Mansora:

Používaš pri hra šachový počítač, ktorý ti s hrou pomáha, alebo ti radí niekto iný, alebo hráš čestne svojimi vlastnými silami?


Ondrej Bašták Ďurán




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Overview of comments

You can play a computer

(Maxim Marievsky, 2015-03-17 14:51)

Judging by how he played in the 1st round against me in the 8th round can assume that either played two different people, or were used chess program as a prompter of moves in the game. Ask the referee of the competition to review the situation.

Re: You can play a computer

(Darek, 2015-03-20 12:12)

sorry Maxim, but you did many mistakes, Zaid had easy way to win


(Martin Mikulec, 2015-03-18 20:15)

ja si myslím, že daný hráč používal nejaký šachový program,nakoľko ťahy boli veľmi dobré...

Stand by

(Hazza Mohammed Al Hammadi, 2015-03-18 09:35)

Brother / Zayed Mansour is considered a strong player for the disabled in Yemen and has several posts interior gets centers first and gave a weak match in the first round because of the psychological and health status because of some of the problems suffered by her, but then regained its activity and stepped up his training and Praise best foot level, there is no minimum any doubt that he used a computer and why use any means cheating?
The award is alluring for our country, Yemen is less than daily per capita income of the right of the citizen level, but we are brother Mansour Zayed share in order to show that our level is not real Ntbah tricks false
And greetings to all of you
Hazza Mohammed Al Hammadi


(Yahya Al Surayhi, 2015-03-17 21:19)

I, I do not think that never Zayed Mansour, uses a computer, and he played a game in round 8. against Maxim, is the same person
I am the official of the words and accountant do for I am Contact Person him, but he trained a lot, and will show you his strength and development, which he got, at the World Championships which will be held in Slovakia in the month of six and will prove to you, that God Almighty, is Yemen chess champion Yemeni disabled ,

Anfair chessplayer

(Grega Žargaj, 2015-03-17 21:13)

Zaid Mansor has defenetly cheating, you can see the 1. round against me and the 3. round against Jan Bodzar. If you compare this two matches and match against Maxim Marievski, you can se two diferent chess worlds.