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Tournament rules

OMD Dystro Ope-net 2016


Firstly you have to log on the server www.playok.com. You can choose a language appropriate – Slovak, Czech and English. Secondly select the game; it is the chess in this case. Thirdly you have to log in under the nickname. During the registration, enter the password which only you will know. Your old registration data may be used if it is registered on this server.

Then it is necessary to log in the tournament until 12. 1. 2016 on communication portal http://www.sach.bashto.sk

Write your name, nickname on playok, internet address, actual ELO and other complement data during registration. In case you have no ELO, 1000 ELO will be assigned.

The Swiss system for 9 rounds in week’s cycles will be used. The Tournament will last from 19. 1. 2016 to 20. 3. 2016. Opponents will be set by the referee in each week. Opponents have to play out a game of chess.

Always will be opponents set on Tuesday to 10: 00 – current draw in the given round will available on the official web page of the tournament. A game has to be played until Sunday of the given week. Sunday is the deadline.  Send the results and the notation of the games thorough communication portal. Notation of the games is automatically recorded on the portal. The text has to be copied into the communication portal window. Than has to be sent.

Opponents’ nicknames have to be saved into your contacts on www.playok.com. This is the way how you can easily find out if the player you want to play with is connected. After that it is only up to you to arrange with the opponent through the communication portal when the games are played.  Suggested terms have to be selected in well arranged calendar (it may be supplemented with the text message). Communication may arranged thorough the text messages on www.playok.com.

If you find out in your contacts on www.playok.com your opponent is logged in some playing room, it should be entered by clicking on the room. You have to find the opponents table in the room and sit opposite him. When both players click on the start a game of chess starts.

Before the first player sits at the table as administrator, adjust 30 minutes time limit in the settings - without adding the time for the move, with no possibility to take back the moves, and the public type of the table. One game can take 1 hour max. The player ending with no time loses if the opponent has the checkmate material available. If not, it is stalemate.

After the end of the game, choose the HISTORY card – in the game window, it is next to conversation card. There is PGN button. Press it and the game record is pictured. Copy the text, log in the communication portal and insert the game record in the result window. The round is played out.

One more time in individual steps:

  1. Open the page www.playok.com
  2. Adjust the interface language
  3. Select the chess game
  4. Log in under the nickname
  5. Log in the server www.playok.com
  6. Add all players into contacts. Nicknames can be found on the communication portal page.
  7. Arrange with the opponent on the playing time through communication portal.
  8. One of the players have to log in first and enter into one of the playing rooms
  9. In playing room settings – it is necessary to adjust “ignore invitation” and “ignore whispering” before the player sits at the table
  10. Create new gameing table.
  11. 30 minutes playing time has to be adjusted In playing table settings, without adding the time for the move, with no possibility to take back the moves and the public type of the table.
  12. Second player log in the server.
  13. The opponent has to be searched in the contacts – in green color – enter the room and sits at it.
  14. Players can communicate each other thorough “conversation” card.
  15. Press the start button and the game begins.
  16. After the end of the game, choose the HISTORY card – PGN button. Press it and copy it into the communication portal textual field which is appointed to results reports.
  17. The round is over. Do not forget, games will be valid only if they are played until Sunday (including) of the given week. In the next round (following Tuesday) you will be received email with the next opponents’ name.
  18. The game ends 0:0, in case that no player sends the game report till Sunday of the given week,
  19. If the connection fails from technical reasons, player with the failure may come back in 1 minute into the game. If the player does not manage it, he/she lose the game. There is a game repetition right given by referee if the game wasn´t interrupted in a key position disadvantageous for the player with a technical problem and it is clear the player don´t want to enforce a game repetition by cheating.

If there are any problems with understanding or realization of the tournament rules, contact the referee.

All information related to the tournament will be available on www.sachomd.sk/en.

We hope, many of you will log in and much pleasure will be experienced.


Chess club OMD in SR.